Why Job-Site?

The cost of onsite transportation is minimal compared to labor cost as well as loss of production. We understand the construction environment and our vehicles are well suited for this type of work. Minor scratches and dents are acceptable and you will not be penalized for normal wear and tear on the vehicle.

Job-Site Truck & Equipment Leasing provide passenger vans and busses to transport large numbers of employees from parking lot to work areas. Construction grade pickup trucks and utility vehicles are provided for on-site material and personnel transportation. Hand held intrinsically safe radios keep everyone safe, in touch and on track.

Our customer base consists of Industrial, Construction, and Utility Companies. The professionals at Job-Site Truck & Equipment Leasing will work with your management team to provide the best transportation solutions for your specific job site. Whether you are in need of extra equipment to finish the job on time, or simply transportation to and from the work site when your employees are working out of town, Job-Site Truck & Equipment Leasing has the solution for you. Call Job-Site Truck & Equipment Leasing today to learn more.

Job-Site Truck & Equipment Leasing, LLC is dedicated to providing transportation and communication. When your construction or industrial company is in need of additional equipment, or you are working on a job far from home, Job-Site Truck & Equipment Leasing is here with a solution.



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